Wild Fusion Skincare is proudly 100% Australian made luxury skincare brand. Our products are inspired by fusing wildly grown indigenous botanicals with naturally derived and scientific based ingredients, helping to unveil your best skin.

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    We totally understand the challenges your skin faces in today's environment - sometimes your skin feels pretty normal to the polar opposite end of being over-sensitive, right? Did you think you were alone? Absolutely not, between seasonal and hormonal changes, we understand that you need to be able to switch out products for a month or two until your skin settles without throwing out products and pick back up right where you were.  

    When your skin is sensitive, just go with the basics – cleanser, toner and moisturizer and when your skin allows, add in a serum, scrub or a mask.  You can trust that the non-negotiable for Wild Fusion is that the basics will do work on a cellular level.

    We're not about dictating what you must use, we want to allow you the time for your skin to find it's happy place.  So feel free to mix things up, we've got plenty of choices for all skin types and skin conditions. Trust your instincts and trust that your skin will let you know when it's happy - dewiness, radiance and smoothness are the key giveaways! 

    44 products
    Supergreens 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub
    Supergreens 2 in 1 Mask + Scrub
    Vanilla bloom body polish
    Vanilla Bloom Body Polish
    Vanilla Bloom Body Polish 100ml
    Vitamin C Serum
    Vitamin C Serum 50ml
    Willow Bark BHA Serum
    Willow Bark BHA Serum
    Willow Bark BHA Serum 50ml

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