Unlock the Top 8 Secrets to Skin Confidence

'You can't treat your skin like a flip flop and expect it to look like a Louboutin' - Jinmee


 Secret #1 Drink Water 💧💧💧

Maybe not so secret but hands down one of the most important - drink 8 glasses of water a day for dewy skin.

Pro Tip: Drink a glass of water before and after your 3 main meals, then you only need to squeeze in two more during the day.

 Secret #2 Skin Supplements 🐟🐟🐟

After the age of 25, collagen reduces and by the age of 45, collagen levels can have fallen by as much as 30%. The visible effects are the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin.

Studies have shown that supplementing your collagen levels both improves skin elasticity and helps to promote radiance. So boost your collagen and hydration levels with our Collagen Shots or vegan option Skin Perfecting Complex and H30 Hydration every day.⠀⠀⠀

Pro Tip:  Combine one scoop of Collagen Shots and one scoop of H30 Hydration together first thing in the morning.

 Secret #3 Skincare Products 🧴🧴🧴

Choosing skincare products is personal.  There is a dizzying amount of products out there all claiming to do different things and quite frankly it can get a little confusing.

So to make it simple just remember a basic skincare routine should be made up of three things and done twice a day; cleanse, tone and moisturise.  Also include these 2-3 weekly; exfoliate and mask.

To really achieve glowing skin you can start by investing in products that target skin conditions not skin types. So look for products with active ingredients - vitamins, peptides, BHAs and AHAs - this is where all the magic happens!⠀

Most importantly give it time, there really isn't a quick fix out there and most products can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks before you start noticing a difference.

Pro Tip: Results are seen through consistent use.

 Secret #4 Sunscreen 🌞🌞🌞

Vitamin D is important for strong bones, muscles and overall health. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is necessary for the production of vitamin D in the skin and is the best natural source of vitamin D. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
But the body can only absorb a limited amount of Vitamin D at a time so spending extra time in the sun will not increase vitamin D levels – but will increase your risk of skin cancer.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

So when you don't wear sunscreen, not only are your increasing your risk of cancer, sun exposure is the most common cause of skin damage and wrinkling. Exposure to UV radiation in causes changes to the skin - brown spots and pigment irregularity, as well as broken capillaries and red blotches. All of these changes makes the skin look older.

Pro Tip:  Use sunscreen everyday!⠀⠀⠀

Secret #5 Ditch Processed Foods 🥗🥗🥗

As you know it takes a little more than a face cream to clear your complexion and by adopting a clean diet by only eating unprocessed foods your skin tone will improve dramatically. 

Avoid any processed foods and seriously ditch the processed sugar for good - it is as addictive as they come!

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables - all colours of the rainbow every day. Introduce good fats like avocado, fatty fish and nuts. Incorporate protein into all your meals and add wholegrains for added nutrients and fibre.

Pro Tip:  Prepackage portions of fruit and vegetables for your smoothies and pop them in the freezer.  When you're ready add a portion into your blender - guaranteed you won't need to add any ice.

 Secret #6 Silk Pillowcases 🛌🛌🛌

Cotton is quite a coarse material that can be rough against your skin and can draw moisture from your face whilst you sleep.  Alternatively, silk reduces friction against your skin to reduce sleep lines and wrinkles.

On hot and uncomfortable nights when you've flipped your pillow over and you've been instantly refreshed by the cool side of the pillow. This is because cotton holds in heat and warms your pillow. Silk has a natural cooling effect, making for a more restful night’s sleep. 

Some of the benefits on switching to a Silk Pillowcase includes helping your skin retain moisture, naturally hypoallergenic and reduces bed head and split ends.

Secret #7 Exercise 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

When we exercise, we increase our blood flow which helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to working cells throughout the body which helps carries away waste products including free radicals. 

Exercise don’t detoxify the skin – that belongs mostly to the liver but by increasing the body flow it helps flush out cellular debris from our system.⠀

Those who suffer with sensitive skin, eczema or rosacea you will want to keep your body temperature as low as you can. Using a fan or having a few cooling towels on hand should help keep your core temperature a little lower.

If you suffer with acne try and rinse off as soon as you possibly can after a workout as sweating can lead to breakouts. Remove your make up before working out or at least wear products that are non-comedogenic. ⠀⠀⠀

Pro Tip: Whether you walk, run or pump weights get your workout done in the morning, less excuses!⠀⠀⠀⠀

Secret #8 Sleep 💤💤💤

Now there is a reason we call it 'Beauty Sleep', in order to wake up with healthy looking skin we need 8 hours of shut eye a night.⠀⠀⠀

As far as the skin is concerned, lack of sleep causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released, which in turn encourages inflammation in the skin, causing flare-ups in conditions like acne, psoriasis, and even eczema - not to mention those dark bags under your eyes!

Pro Tips:  Turn off your electrical devices 30 minutes before bedtime, listen to a podcast or pick up a book instead.

BONUS secret tips 🎉⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • Ditch the alcohol or at least limit your intake to 1-2 glasses per week.
  • Ditch the smokes, this one is up there with the damage the sun UV radiation does.
  • To help reduce those sleep wrinkles by trying our Wrinkle Schminkles range.
  • Reduce your blue screen time exposure.
  • If you swim use a barrier cream before jumping in the pool to help reduce the contact the pool chemicals has on your skin.
  • If you suffer with sensitive skin try avoiding dairy and wheat products.
  • Reduce your stress and meditate for 10 minutes every morning.

You may notice that sometimes your skin is just like you, it has its good days and bad days. One day it's looking gorgeous and glowing, other days a little dull and tired.

If you feel your skin is not having a great day, show a little love with a good polish and mask treatment, followed by generous splash of a hydrating moisturiser. ⠀

⚠ WARNING ⚠ Glowing skin is addictive and I can guarantee when people start complementing you on your skin it feels amazing, just watch your confidence skyrocket!

Cheers to glowing skin 🥂

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