About Us

Hi there!

My name is Sam and I live on a farm with my beautiful family in a small town called Beverley, located in the Wheatbelt area of Western Australia.  We moved away from the hustle and bustle of city living around ten years ago and wow this little city chick had some adjusting to do!

My husband was born and bred in the country, so he was (and still is) in his element, but I certainly had to make changes and fast.  'What do you mean there is no late night shopping' (insert confused look here)....... so as much as I loved our new lifestyle, I found myself looking for DIY remedies simply because I forgot to add items to my shopping list.

So I stripped it all back, researched and chatted to the Golden Girls (yep my grandmother and her crew) and realised how simple and effective their home remedies were.  Fast forward a few years, I'm concocting cleaning recipes and making my own skin care, soaps - you name it, I'm making it, but I wanted to take it up a notch and educate myself further.  I successfully studied in Advanced Cosmetic Science and have been formulating ever since, I just love fusing the old remedies of yesteryear with today's science.  

I really am passionate about formulating 100% Australian made skincare and body care products from naturally derived ingredients and infusing them with scientifically proven actives.  I really believe selecting the very best sustainable ingredients from nature and science is paramount to being able to offer my customers with products their skin will benefit from.

Sam xx