My entire life, I have been playing around with skincare and make up.

Early in my career, I qualified in beauty therapy and makeup artistry while studying and working in business and accounting.

So, out came the textbooks and beakers and I began my journey studying Cosmetic Science. You may be forgiven for thinking formulating is all about the nerdy ‘sciencesy’ stuff but seriously you’ve got to be creative, prepared to innovate, willing to push boundaries (seriously I’m good at this one, just ask the hubby) and ready for the unexpected – the good, the bad and the MOFO moments.

So, how do those two brains…. blend?

I’ve built my brand with an immense passion to being 100% Australian owned and made.

Using ingredients directly from farmers and sourcing international ingredients from Australian importers keeps my brand right where I want it to be, home grown. It’s like I’ve created this little Aussie eco system that’s unique, and that’s one of the reasons my customers love Wild Fusion Skincare.

It’s been such a pleasure to align the brand with suppliers who have the same ethos – sustainability, cultural awareness, and charitable endeavours. We may be small but every month we donate to WomenCan, an organization that fundraises for ANZGOG research on gynaecological cancers and improving the lives of diagnosed women in Australia.

Thank you, beautiful human.

It’s no easy feat to be found in this massive pond of ‘natural skincare’ brands, so kudos to you, beautiful human - I’m totally honoured you’ve found us!  I appreciate it can feel confusing and how quickly misguided you can become when trying to find a brand that you’re willing to give a go, so if you’re ready to invest in Wild Fusion Skincare, let me pay that back to you tenfold.

Sam x

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Wild Fusion Skincare is an Australian made luxury skincare range. Our brand concentrates on native botanicals, using ingredients directly from farmers and indigenous communities, keeping my brand right where I want it to be, supporting home grown industry
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