Skincare FAQ’s

Where are your skincare products made?

Australia. True blue, we are proudly 100% Australian made and owned. We manufacturer small batches right here in Western Australia and all our products are formulated by our female founder, Sam.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

We source our ingredients from many different suppliers throughout Australia. We are so committed to supporting other Aussie businesses that we constantly source home grown ingredients directly from farmers, otherwise we deal with suppliers from every nook and cranny of our beautiful country.

What is so special about Australian botanicals? 

Let’s face it, our native plants survive (and thrive) in one of the most isolated and harsh environments in the world. So, it’s no surprise to learn that Australian plants punch way above their weight when it comes to phyto-compounds, antioxidants and vitamins.

Our supplier of native Australian extracts have introduced this exciting new technology of botanical cellular extraction. This process does not compromise the integrity of the fruit or plant, unlike the old methods of drawn out percolation or heat, where the raw material is often left stewing for days, fermenting and breaking down.

The new cellular extractions are clean, fresh and rapid and have transformed what we can derive from fruits and plants. So in short, the native extracts we use in our skincare products are true to nature, just the way nature designed them.

Are your skincare products vegan friendly?

Honestly, we are truly botanical loving nerds and the wilder the better. The only non-vegan ingredients we use on occasion are beeswax, lanolin, silk proteins and a little honey. So, although not all our products are vegan friendly, we have an abundance of products that are, so make sure to look out for the Vegan icon prior to purchasing.

Are your products cruelty free?

Hand on heart, absolutely 100% cruelty-free! We have so many human guinea pigs willing to partake in product testing, we don’t need to recruit any furry friends. PS No humans have been hurt, zapped, poked, prodded or impaired whilst product testing - possibly over moisturised? (lol) yeah probably.

Are Wild Fusion Skincare products 100% natural?

Natural is a very loose word thrown around the skincare industry, it’s unregulated and there’s no true definition to follow so it can mean very different things to many different brands – no wonder there’s so much confusion.

Here at Wild Fusion Skincare, we are committed to formulating products that contain botanical-based ingredients (wildly organic where possible) and fusing these with clean, scientifically based actives.

We choose not to use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, mineral oil or silicones in our skincare range.

Are your products palm free?

We are committed to selecting palm free ingredients in our skincare products and are always on the lookout for palm free alternatives. However, there are some ingredients that can be palm-derived (it’s minimal but we’re continually working on reaching palm-free status) though they must be sourced from ethic suppliers focused on sustainability with responsible farming practices.

All our handmade soaps are proudly 100% palm free.

Can I get help choosing a skincare routine?

We’d love you to help you (insert loveheart here).  It’s why we do what we do. We want your skin to be at its healthiest and glowiest (not sure if this is even a word) and feeling soft and smooth. It’s super important not to keep touching your face, but seriously it’s hard not to when using our products.

Please email us at glow@wildfusionskincare.com.au and we'll get back to you as soon as we can to help you select a few products.

Feel confident if you’re choosing our 4 Step Skincare Routine that you're covered by our 100% happiness guarantee. Read more here.

What if I’m feeling a bit 'umph' about a product I’m using?

Our skin is as individual as we are, nobody’s skin is exactly same. We live in different environments and respond to ingredients differently.  It can take trialling a few different products before you’re yelling BINGO, I’ve found it! Guaranteed two people with very similar skin will like two different products, it’s individuality at its finest. It could come down to the smell or the texture – us human, we’re complex and that’s A-Ok with us!

Give your skin time to respond to the products and a golden tip is to only swap one product out at a time, so if you’re not 100% sold with your routine just yet, change the cleanser first. Good-o, you’re feeling happier but would like to keep experimenting a little? Move onto the serum next.

Is it normal to break out when using Wild Fusion Skincare products for the first time?

Changing your skincare routine and products can lead to breaking out for the first week or two. After around two weeks your skin should start settling into the new routine. If your skin is still struggling with the new routine please get in contact with us at glow@wildfusionskincare.com.au and let’s help you get your skin back on track.

Can I use other skincare brands as well?

Mmmm, a little trickier this question. We have developed all our products to compliment each other and have ensured that we keep all our active input levels in accordance with Australian's regulatory limits no matter which combination you're using - your skin safety is paramount to us.

Mix and matching products with highly active ingredients can cause skin sensitivities so we don't recommend using multiple brands when it comes to Retinols, Acids, etc but if you have that cult cleanser that you're not willing to part with, or an oil based serum that you're obsessed with, it's gonna be okay (you should see our makeup bag). Please contact us and we can give you some suggestions on what ingredients to avoid using together.

Can't find the answer to your questions?

Please use our contact us page with your question and we will happily be in touch.